Hermes Lounge

Overlooking our gardens, the Hermes Lounge offers the ideal place to relax..

Whether or not you stay in, it’s worth discovering our Hermes Lounge, where from midday onwards a range of beverages including wines, and spirits, tea and coffee as well as a selection of delicious savoury and sweet treats may be served.

Relax, read a book, listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite show or play board games with your company and feel like home at our upper floor beautiful cozy lounge.

Sinking low into a comfortable sofa take a look in the opulent, all-encompassing scene of the ceiling. The Hermes Lounge got its name from the illustration on the ceiling mural of Hermes, god and protector of trade, whereas looking carefully at his feet you may see the goods Ioannidis used to trade. On its left and right there are two of the gods of Olympus, Zeus and Athena. Displayed in the corners and perimeter garlands of the mural there are various monuments of cities Ioannidis had developed commerce.

menu highlights:

Drinks// coffee, natural tea and chamomile, fresh juices, refreshments, tsipouro, whiskey, Greek wine and more

Food // homemade pies and sweets, yogurt with honey, eggs, salads, sandwiches and more