The village

Archontiko Stathopoulou is located in the village of Agios Georgios, a place of natural beauty and distinctive cultural identity.

Agios-Georgios, build on a high and airy position with panoramic views to Pagasitikos gulf, is an amazing place, untouched from mass tourism.At an altitude of 620m, this village is 21km from Volos. There is a lot of rich vegetation, numerous spring water taps and cobble-stoned paths in the area. We do not know precisely the historical starting point of the village because every historical document was destroyed by Turkish fire in 1823. During its evolution years it consisted of 1500 households that had developed intensive trade activity of oil produced by the rich olive trees, fruit, apples and peaches, along with cultural activity.

Agios Georgios has retained the character of the Pelion architecture. As you walk along the traditional cobbled paths you will see some old mansions. Some of these are now open as guesthouses, such as Archontiko Stathopoulou.

From Agios Georgios Nilias are the painters Giannis Poulakas (1863-1942) and Chrysoula Zogia (1914-1992) and the sculptor Nicolas (Nikolaos Pavlopoulos 1909-1990).
In the main square you can enjoy traditional tastes with local wine or tsipouro at the tavernas and restaurants. The surrounding trees provide a cool and relaxing shade in the summer.

The unprecedented natural richness that surrounds the village provides a unique opportunity for exploring the forest, walking and hiking. For lovers of alternative tourism its an ideal destination to indulge in horse riding, mountain biking and jeep safari.