Treasury Dining

Start your day having a breakfast in the cosy treasury room with the fireplace.

Our breakfast delicacies are home made, always using fresh local ingredients. Taste our homemade traditional pies, omelets, marmalades, yogurt and cakes, local cheese and ham, eggs, fruit and natural juices.

From noon onwards and we serve light dishes accompanied with soft drinks and spirits. Additional plates or menus can be arranged with our guests, upon prior notice. A pleasant place where you can enjoy your drink or the traditional “tsipouro” with your friends.

The breakfast area was originally the treasury room where Ioannidis kept all his valuables and expensive clothes. The ceiling drawings were inspired by the greek mythology and created in 1995 by a remarkable artist and friend Christos Gousidis who also owns a house in our beautiful village.

In an old stone wall at the breakfast area, a series of iron boxes were found, the one inside the other keeping old loan contracts and turkish ownership titles of Ioannidis, now safely preserved in the archives of the current owner of the mansion.

Weather permitting, you can enjoy your breakfast or snacks in the front yard with a beautiful view.