All I Need Is The Air That I Breathe.

Our guests speak about a beautiful sleep, complete relaxation and tranquility. After a weekly stay you will feel having reinvigorate your body and mind, leaving you stress-free, relaxed and, ultimately, beautiful inside and out. It seems the location is blessed with positive energy and strong magnetic fields, elements that determined the Mansion location.

Another beneficial element of the wonderful nature of Mount Pelion is its pure spring water. It flows from the mountains and nourishes plants, animals and people. Invaluable resource, water in our village has been worshiped by creating small altars, real works of art. In recent years our water is bottled and sold in Greece and abroad.

If you walk down the path to the end of the estate, the nature will reward you with its beauty while during the morning hours of spring and summer you will be blessed to listen to the songs of nightingales.

You should not miss to taste the authentic drink of the region, tsipouro. Tsipouro is made of the remains of the grapes that have already been pressed. According to the tradition, the first production of tsipouro was the work of some Greek Orthodox monks. This occurred during the 14th century on Mount Athos in Macedonia, Greece. Gradually, this idea of using the pomace left over from the wine-making process in order to produce a distilled spirit was passed to in poorer regions of the whole country, which already used the distillation process for other purposes. Thus, tsipouro was born. Served in small cold shot glass it seems like you drink shots of happiness.

We can arrange for you all kind of wellness activities upon prior request like:

Yoga Retreats
Gastronomy Tour
Traditional Culinary Classes